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Knowledge is power and this is definitely true when it comes to protecting your business. An important reason our clients come to us, and remain our clients, goes beyond the great value we give them. It’s also because of the better, more secure future they feel they’re more likely to enjoy thanks in part to the training and education programs we offer to clients and to the community at large.

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Workers let family and friends use company laptops and PCs to access the Internet.


Dollars have been lost in the past 3 years to "CEO" email scams, according to the FBI, as a result of fraudulent wire transfers.


Of workers connect their own devices or gadgets to their work PC.


Patient records breached as a result of a single phishing scheme in March 2015.

Three Reasons For Cyber Security Awareness Education

First, nearly every company has a regulatory requirement and it's just smart business. Second, the perimeter around your company's data is vanishing with bring your own devices becoming ubiquitous in the corporate environment. And finally, the threat landscape is constantly changing.

Security and Awareness

Security is everyone's responsibility. We provide security and educational webinars for the general employee, customized to an organization's specific regulatory requirements and environment, or based upon role--developers, IT, finance, etc.

Enterprise and Applications

We provide training for enterprise applications such as Sharepoint, Exchange, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and many others. We can customize the training and provide you with finished webinars or live training at your facility or ours.

Security Testing

Already have your own training program or just finished one of ours? We can put that knowledge to the test with controlled automated phishing tests, social engineering tests or other vulnerability assessments. Training checks the box, but how does your company measure up?

Community and Non-Profit Events

Jacobian believes in giving back to the community and our generous non-profit partners. We periodically sponsor events at our offices and invite the community at large and local leaders to participate in security awareness programs at no cost. Jacobian also provides services for free or at a discount for qualified non-profits.


Jacobian built a platform to help us track and reach more outpatients and truly help our community. With their leadership and training, we're able to reach more individuals. - Julio Garcia, Director, Voices of Recovery San Mateo County

Jacobian has provided training to our company and our customers. They customized the material to fit our organization and we were able to record and keep all the materials. They were a great value and we are now engaged on other services to improve our security. I sleep better at night knowing they're our partner. Guy Livneh, PartnerPreciseQ