HITRUST is the only nationally recognized prescriptive standard for HIPAA compliance. In partnership with the HITRUST Alliance, a non-profit organization, Jacobian is committed to helping covered entities and business associates protect confidentiality, availability and integrity of patient data.

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healthcare records were breached in 2015 and over $6 million in fines were levied.


Patients and informants file complaints with the Office of Civil Rights on average each month regarding abuse of medical information, up 50% since 2013.


Patients will be victims of a healthcare data breach due a series of large-scale attacks against major providers.


Of medical records breached are due to a lost device such as a laptop or mobile phone.

HITRUST certification made simple

It's time to say goodbye to the "HIPAA audit" and hello to a trust and assurance program that is consistent and meaningful. Jacobian partners with you to ensure successful certification at a price that fits your budget and timeline.

HITRUST Assessment

From self-assessment to full certification, we work with you to properly scope and document compliance with the Common Security Framework (CSF). For those who need a SOC report in addition to HITRUST, our auditors give you all that you need for your customers, partners and regulators for less money and less time.

HITRUST Readiness Preparation

Not ready for an assessment or maybe you're just not sure. We will assess your readiness, inform you about HITRUST, teach you the Common Security Framework (CSF) and lay out a path to certification that will meet your timeline and budget. Our methodology ensures the least disruption because we understand that your business needs to focus on its core mission and strategy.

Outsource Compliance and Security

Becoming compliant doesn't end after installing security tools and software. At Jacobian, we are analyzing threats, patching vulnerabilities and monitoring your systems. Our 24/7 security operations center is staffed with security analysts and experts whose mission is to stand between you and the rest of the world. Our security services are all uniquely designed to keep disruptions, breaches and operational issues from threatening business continuity and, of course, profits.

Cloud Management & Software

Public and private clouds are helping companies large and small innovate in healthcare. From bioinformatics to mobile applications for patients and doctors, a cloud can help your business execute faster and with little to no capital investment. Our DevOps, database and software engineers and security experts will help you leverage the power of the cloud in a compliant and secure way.


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Building security on a budget

A guide for startups

One of the things that set Jacobian apart from the other companies we met with is they understood how to lay out a roadmap for compliance and security that made sense, fit our budget and prioritized the items that were most important to protecting our business. It wasn't an all or nothing proposition and they sensationalize our exposure and risks. We feel safe with them. David Becker, CEO King Street Labs