Partnering with Jacobian strengthens the enterprise with independent audit, thought leadership in information security, value added resale and agility.

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Of breaches are accomplished in minutes or less.


Victims of a breach don’t realize they’ve been attacked for a week or longer.


Of breaches go undiscovered for a year or more.


Is the U.S. budget for cyber-security in 2016.

Valuable Enterprise Solutions

Get enterprise class services and quality with a non-enterprise budget. Our skilled engineers and auditors combined with our agile approach, deliver results quickly when you need them.

Audit & Compliance

Experienced auditors and investigators will assist your business in completing its independent third-party audits and provide you with a report on compliance that you need. PCI, HITRUST/HIPAA, SOC2, vulnerability analysis, risk assessments and more are available. And if you've experienced an incident, our forensic investigators and subject matter experts will collect and report findings for your legal team.

Managed & Outsourced Security

Monitoring security events and responding to incidents around the clock requires a dedicated team, the right tools, and experience with security analytics. Why not outsource that responsibility to a company whose entire mission is information security? Our security analysts use Logrhythm's enterprise-class security information event management (SIEM) platform to analyze data in real-time so that we respond to incidents before threat actors reach critical systems and data.

Enterprise Sales

Jacobian's partners with industry leaders in storage, virtualization, device management, information security and enterprise software. We will work with your technology team and business units to understand your specific needs, design a solution, present options, and support the enterprise from procurement to implementation.


We offer classes in ISC^2, Microsoft and CompTIA courses. In addition to certification, we can provide customized training for enterprise applications such as Sharepoint, Salesforce and more. Security awareness training for developers, business users and IT is available in addition to compliance-specific training such as HIPAA and PCI. Training is provided via webinar, on-site or at our facilities.


Case Study

Leveraging a tiger team to bring back agility to software engineering at Walmart Labs.

"Jacobian boosted our revenue goal for the year by moving quickly and with their product leadership and big-picture thinking. They developed a strategy that went beyond the project at hand and worked within our guidelines and procedures to integrate the solution into the Walmart dot com website on time and at a third of the cost of doing it internally." David Bash, Director Personalization Group - Walmart Labs