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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a powerful cloud platform with a growing number of services and tools. As an Advanced Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller, our staff have the training and experience to help build the right-size solutions, manage cost and design an architecture to meet your company's requirements for reliability and compliance. As an information security company, your AWS solution will be secure from start to finish.

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Million active customers using Amazon Web Services.


Availability zones across 20 different geographic regions and growing.


Servers in a given availability zone using up to 30 Megawatts.


Is the estimated annual revenue of AWS by the end of 2017.

Managed AWS Services

Our AWS management services keep your operations running smoothly and your profits growing steadily. As an Advanced Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller with Amazon, we're ready to help you build from scratch, maintain what you have and grow along with your business. Jacobian is also a certified reseller and partner for VMware and related partners for those needing a hybrid or private cloud.

AWS Platform and Cost Management

Jacobian has a suite of tools to analyze and provide monthly or quarterly reporting to maximize your use of Amazon Web Services while minimizing cost and waste. We will manage your AWS account and ensure you're getting the benefits from all the services available from Amazon.

DevOps and Software Engineering

Jacobian doesn't just provide services, we also engineer software products. Our talented team of software developers and DevOps engineers will help your team build a scalable solution on AWS using the right combination of AWS services and third-party tools or custom scripts. Whether you need deployment automation, lines of code or just some advice, we're here to help.

Healthcare and HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

Amazon uses a "shared model" of responsibility when it comes to security. It can be complex and confusing to leverage the wide variety of AWS services to achieve adequate security and compliance. Jacobian has been providing compliance testing, auditing and managed healthcare security services for over a decade. As an AWS Advanced Consulting partner with an AWS Healthcare Competency, Jacobian will help you achieve and maintain compliance across your workloads in the cloud.

Migration Services

Moving from an existing data-center or co-location facility to the cloud is often a big project. Jacobian will work with you to design an architecture, outline a plan that minimizes downtime and carry out that plan in partnership with stakeholders. Leveraging the right combination of data migration tools such as Import/Export, Snowball and others, we will get you up and running quickly and help you meet goals for the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

We were a startup with basic knowledge of the cloud and a big need for automation. We basically were running our deployments manually and our performance was very slow. The team at Jacobian Engineering migrated our data to AWS and launched several AWS cloud services that have made our product and service environment agile, more secure and cost effective Justin Usher, CEOOpenPlacement Inc.

Jacobian has been instrumental in helping our business get the most out of Amazon Web Services (AWS). They have helped build devops automation, maintained our systems, implemented security and helped us win deals with our customers through their partnership and support. They are invaluable to the growth of our business in the cloud. Christopher Johnson M.D., Chief Medical OfficerPerformance Clinical Systems