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Private and public cloud usage is soaring and whether you're starting a new business or wish to migrate your existing business to a cloud, having a strong partner means avoiding pitfalls and designing a strong solution from the beginning. From solution architecture to DevOps, our system and software engineers will have your company's services operating in the right cloud to fit your needs. And being an information security company means that it's going to be secure from start to finish.

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Public and Private Cloud Services

Not just more security, but more of everything to help your business grow. As an Advanced Channel Partner and reseller with Amazon and a certified gold partner with Microsoft, we're ready to help you with your public cloud. Jacobian is also a certified reseller and partner for VMware and related partners for those needing a hybrid or private cloud.

Cloud and cost management

Jacobian has a suite of tools to analyze and provide monthly or quarterly reporting to maximize your use of the cloud while minimizing cost and waste. We will manage your cloud account and ensure you're getting the benefits from all the services available from your cloud provider.

DevOps and Solution Architecture

Jacobian doesn't just provide services, we also engineer software products. Our talented team of software developers and DevOps engineers will help your team build a scalable solution in the cloud. Whether you need deployment automation, lines of code or just some advice, we're here to help.

Compliance in the Cloud

Cloud providers operate using a "shared model" of responsibility. It can be complex and confusing to leverage security tools and services in the cloud to achieve adequate security and compliance. Jacobian's certified cloud experts will architect and implement the right controls and documentation to ensure you maintain proper security and compliance.

Migration to the Cloud

Moving from a data-center or co-location facility to the cloud is often a big project. Jacobian will work with you to design an architecture, outline a plan that minimizes downtime and carry out that plan in partnership with stakeholders. From DNS to complex multi-tier applications, we will get you up and running quickly and help you meet goals for the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).