A password manager is a software application that helps users keep track of their passwords. Usually these applications store your passwords in an encrypted database that uses a single strong password to encrypt them.

From a security perspective think about how many times you use the same password for multiple websites. If one of those websites is compromised and your password gets leaked it can unlock all of the other websites you access. Using a password manager will allow you to create unique passwords for each website you use and prevent this from happening.

A few of our favorite password managers are:

A type of malware that systematically encrypts files on a user’s computer. Once infected users are prompted to pay a “ransom” to unlock their computer.

A VPN or “Virtual Private Network” is one way to enhance your security and privacy on the internet. While connected to a VPN all data transmitted between your computer and the internet is encrypted so third parties can’t see the information being sent. This makes it a great tool to use when connecting to public WiFi hotspots which do not typically offer any security.

In addition to encrypting your data VPN’s provide an additional level of privacy to users. All requests coming from your computer are routed through a “gateway” server which can reside anywhere in the world. For example if you lived in San Francisco, you could connect to a VPN and appear to live in New York, Tokyo, or any number of gateway cities.