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Founded in 2012, OpenPlacement provides real-time vacancy information to care transitions. Typically, when a patient is discharged from a hospital or skilled nursing facility to post-acute care such as assisted living, homecare, rehab care, transportation services, the discharge planner, patient’s caretaker or family rely on antiquated materials and hours of phone calls to locate the provider which fits their exact needs. OpenPlacement web application serves patients and their caregivers by helping them search and qualify care providers that best meet their specific needs. OpenPlacement then connects the patient, caretaker, family and/or care professional directly with the care provider.

The Challenge

OpenPlacement first built its first platform on Microsoft Azure. As the company grew and number of customers increased, Azure increasingly became impractical as the best cloud host for the company’s demands. In addition to rising cost, OpenPlacement experienced degraded performance of its applications on Azure.

Constant evolution of the company’s applications, combined with increasing customer demands, required OpenPlacement to increase the frequency of its deployments. However, there was no strategy for automated deployments which would increase engineering throughput. Demand also required OpenPlacement to develop better features which would enhance business. One of those features it was challenged with was a HIPAA compliant, advanced patient records auditing.

Why Jacobian Engineering

OpenPlacement required an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner that would guide its growth in the cloud. Jacobian Engineering; An AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with many years of experience in providing solutions to Healthcare organizations was the ideal partner. Jacobian Engineering conducted a series of interviews with several teams at OpenPlacement. Those interviews were aimed at gaining a crisp understanding of the company’s overall goals. Our focus wasn’t on solving immediate technical needs alone, we needed to understand the growth plan; how the company expected its business to evolve in the market. Armed with this knowledge, Jacobian Engineering proposed a very compelling solution; A very secure, scalable, HIPAA compliant and agile environment that addressed OpenPlacement’s immediate concern and allows the company to quickly accommodate future increase in customer demand.

The Result

OpenPlacement now leverages Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon ElasticSearch Service, Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2), Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Web Application Firewall (WAF), Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon S3 and Amazon Kinesis to support its multi-platform software application. By leveraging managed services such as ElasticSearch, OpenPlacement was able to reduce operational costs over Azure and increase performance. Amazon DynamoDB is used for application audit logging and to track historical changes to patient data while Amazon Secrets Manager and EC2 roles now ensure the application platform has secure access to resources without local storage of passwords or sensitive information. Amazon Key Management Service (KMS) is used to encrypt and protect sensitive patient data.

Lessons learned

Jacobian learned to have a broader view whenever it engages a potential customer. Seeking to understand a company overall business and growth plans, will allow us make better decisions and provide a longer lasting solution.